Does sugar increase fat content in the body? Haven’t you heard by now, eating fats does not make you fat. But too much sugar does.

The notion that fats make you fat has influenced our culture and believes for many years. But with the evolution of nutrition science, we now realize that good fats are required for the optimal growth of the body and do not lead to weight gain.

Before we dwell deep into understanding the effect of sugar on our bodies, let us analyze why sugar is a concern for those trying to shed some weight.

During the 1990’s many studies stated that fats are the main reason for body fat. Consequently, consumers started avoiding food items with high-fat content like butter, cheese, cream, meats, nuts. The taste of cooked food depends a lot on the fats added. As a result, the food industry adopted sugar being the substitute. Manufacturers started adding reckless amounts of sugar to packed food items.

Brands started selling their new product line with labels featuring words like fat-free! diet, 0%, heart-healthy, and another gimmicky marketing lingo.

A closer look at the ingredients of these products would reveal an incredibly high amount of sugar in packaged food items. It is not just the case with junk food items but, food items marked as healthy have the same issue.

Now let us understand why too much sugar is a problem?

. Sugar is void of nutrients and crowds out other nutrient-dense food that your body requires.

. Sugar can not satiate your appetite and often leaves you hungrier an hour later than before you ate.

. Excess sugar consumption can spike your blood sugar beyond the healthy range setting.

. Research shows that sugar is highly addictive. Some doctors refer to it as the new nicotine.

The World Health Organization recommends about 25 grams or less of added sugar a day. Surprisingly, a soda can have about 40 grams of sugar while a granola bar has nearly 20 grams of sugar. It means that snacking on something sweet more than once a day can leave you outside the WHO recommendation.

Is there a way to keeping eating sweet and not gaining weight

Stevia or Meethi Tulsi is something that can be of great help. It is a substitute for sugar which is made up of the leaves of a Stevia plant. It is about 250-300 times sweeter than sugar.

To adopt Stevia you don’t have to bring about drastic changes in your lifestyle. All you need to do is replace the jar of sugar in your kitchen with a bottle of Stevia. In terms of sweetening ability, one spoon of Stevia is equivalent to four tablespoons of regular sugar.

If you consume two spoons of sugar in a cup of tea, half a spoon of Stevia will be sufficient. The taste remains intact. Stevia is a boon for your body. You will be able to observe the positive effects of the same in a short period. Moreover, your tastebuds adjust easily and quickly to Stevia.

Farmacy India is an ISO-certified firm working to revolutionize farming practices. For the last five years, it has been providing hydroponic vegetables. We also contract-manufactured Stevia and is an FSSAI certified firm.

We would conclude by addressing a few FAQ’s.

Is it safe to consume Stevia regularly?

Yes, it is safe. Moreover, it does not have any side effects.

Is it certified?

Yes, Stevia by Farmacy India is FSSAI certified.

Is it medicine?

No, it is not a medicine to treat diabetes. It is a sugar-free sweetener.

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