About Farmacy

With the goal of revolutionizing farming practices across India, Farmacy was started in 2020 as Central India’s very first outfit to venture into the progressive world of Hydroponic Farming.

Every good story starts with an idea, and the seeds of our story were sown when our founders realized their shared vision for a better & more prosperous India. One of our co-founder has experience in the business from past couple of years; the other, Having association of work with the Big 4 of the corporate world, discovered that their true passion lies in two simple phrases: Making India Better and Making in India. Thus began our journey into the world of healthier alternatives & Hydroponics.

We work tirelessly to create a sustainable future for farming that is good for both people and planet. Our growing techniques help us save 95% of the total amount of water used and still gives a 30x higher yield compared to traditional farms, minimizing the wastage of resources and maximizing the output; all while preserving our planet’s resources.

We are committed to giving you The Healthier Alternative- from the 100%-natural sugar substitute Stevia to our line of carefully cultivated crops, every sapling at Farmacy is dedicated to making India a better place, one plant at a time.

We are Native

100% Organic and loved by Mother Nature

We are Natural​

Nagpur is our home, but the world our playground.

We are Sustainable

If you’re looking for a change in lifestyle – we are your pharmacy!